Self-propelled battery hydraulic scissors lift (maximum height 6m)

• Self Propelled Scissor Lift (Electric Drive) ModelMax Platform Height(m)Max Working Height(m)Rated Load(kg)Platform Size(m)Overall W*L*H (m)Overall Weight(kg)GTZJ-6A683802.26*0.812.475*0.81*2.1581850GTZJD-6685502.26*1.132.475*1.15*2.1582060GTZJD-8A8102302.26*0.812.475*0.81*2.2861980GTZJD-88104502.26*1.132.475*1

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• Self Propelled Scissor Lift (Electric Drive)
ModelMax Platform Height(m)Max Working Height(m)Rated Load(kg)Platform Size(m)Overall W*L*H (m)Overall Weight(kg)

• Main Configuration
DC MotorJiangsu, China
Hydraulic PumpLiaoning, China
Valve block(Solenoid valve included)Liaoning, China
BatteryZibo, China
ChargerZibo, China
ControllerChangzhou, China
HandleChangzhou, China
Oil CylinderHeibei, China
• Introduction and Technology FeaturesIntroduction:
• Introduction:
SJZ The self propelled Lift platform makes many difficult and dangerous jobs easier such as indoor and outdoor cleaning(Ceilings, curtain walls, glass windows, eaves, raindrops, chimneys etc), for billboards, street lights and traffic signs' installation and maintenance.
This machine is characterized by small and flexible, convenient and quick. You can use a lift platform instead of scaffolding to achieve the height you need to solve your problems. At the same time, you can also save your costs and valuable time.

• Features:
(1). Certificate
In compliance with EU EN280 & CE standards.

(2). Driving avaiable when aerial working
SJZ Self Propelled Scissor Lift, it can automaticly walk, in different working conditions, fast, slow walking, just need one person to operate it continuously up and down, forward, backward, steering etc, greatly improving the work efficiency, reduce the number of operators and labor intensity. Particularly suitable for airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping malls, sports venues, residential properties, factories and mines and other large-scale high-altitude continuous operation.

(3). Stepless Speed Change
SJZ series needs one operator, the motor is stepless. Effectively extending the life of the battery and the motor, the motor consumes only the energy at work.

(4). Extened Platform
Platform can be extened, expanding the scope of work to meet special needs of some customers.

(5). Environmental protection
Because the machine adopts DC battery power, the machine can be safely and quietly suitable for indoor or outdoor work.

• Company Certificates:
Battery Hydraulic Drive Self Propelled Scissor Lift (Max Height 6m)

• Part of Our Clients:
Battery Hydraulic Drive Self Propelled Scissor Lift (Max Height 6m)

• Packing:
Battery Hydraulic Drive Self Propelled Scissor Lift (Max Height 6m)

• Warranty:
1. User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintenance.
2. One year warranty for whole machine without man-made fault.
3. We will send you parts for free if there are any non-human factors problem during
warranty time.
4. 24-hours technical support by email, telephone or other communication online.
5. We could reply you in 2 hours after received your any questions even on weekend and
holidaysm engineers are available to your company if necessary.

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