Snorkel launches OnSite telematics and showcases 2100SJ at ARA

2021-12-14 22:40:38 By : Ms. Willo Zhong

At the ARA exhibition in 2021, Snorkel set up the largest display ever, covering 6,400 square feet.

Inside, it displayed two lithium battery products, SL26RTE Speed ​​Level and SR5719E telescopic forklift. The 460SJ telescopic boom lift and the S4740E electric flat scissor lift were also exhibited inside.

Outside, Snorkel showed a new upgrade to its huge 216-foot 2100SJ telescopic boom lift.

In addition, during the exhibition, the company took the opportunity to launch and promote its new telematics system OnSite.

As one of the largest self-propelled aerial lifts in the world, Snorkel 2100SJ was initially previewed on CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March 2020. However, the latest models displayed at the ARA show included multiple upgrades. These include a greater reach (now 115 feet (35.1 meters)) and improved ground clearance and remote assistance controls that allow the operator to move freely around the platform and face the work area when positioned at high altitudes.

The Snorkel 2100SJ has a maximum working height of 216 feet (66.0 meters), a 30-foot (9.1-meter) arm and 7.11 million cubic feet (200,000 cubic meters) of working space.

In addition, the 2100SJ has five steering modes, including lateral steering, which can move left and right when the wheels are at a 90° position.

According to Snorkel, this lift has a first-rate inner turning radius of 8 feet 6 inches (2.6 meters) with an extended axle.

In addition, it also has a number of patent-pending design functions, including auxiliary control pendants in the platform, allowing the operator to face the direction of travel for high-altitude precise positioning.

At the ARA exhibition in 2021, Snorkel announced the global launch of its new telematics product Snorkel OnSite.

Supported by Trackunit, Snorkel OnSite is a full-service telematics product that can be used on most current Snorkel mobile lifting work platforms and telescopic handlers, many of which are now ready for telematics, with remote Compatible connection of information processing module.

Snorkel customers can use it globally and can add OnSite as an option when ordering. However, customers can also order on-site installation through a Snorkel distributor or service center.

Snorkel offers telematics subscription options, including direct data and API packages, which can feed data from Snorkel elevators directly to customers' existing telematics dashboards. A data and dashboard package is also provided, which includes access to the Trackunit brand dashboard. Here, customers can access Snorkel machine data, as well as other products from other brands.

In addition, the subscription package offers the option of 24 months or 60 months. An optional access keyboard with RFID function is also provided.

"Trackunit is one of our industry's leading telematics providers, and we are happy to work with them to develop this solution for our customers," said Matthew Elvin, CEO of Xtreme Manufacturing & Snorkel. "According to our approach to keeping it simple, we focus on giving our customers easy access to all their fleet data in one place, whether it's through the Trackunit dashboard or using APIs to enter data into their existing telematics tools. This maximizes the availability of data to customers because they can see everything in one place."

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