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2021-12-14 22:40:30 By : Ms. Jasmine Chan

STEWIE agrees that this is crazy. Just for fun-has anyone thought about how fun it would be to jump down?

Sherm I think of a serious accident in Texas a few years ago. Two workers used a four-wheeled manned lift on a barge on the Brazos River to weld a pedestrian bridge for the Baylor University football field. They raised safely while wearing safety belts and lanyards, but when the manned lift rolled from the barge into the river, a tragedy happened. A man drowned and died. Another man got rid of his restraints, but suffered hypothermia and trauma.

Red... These pool pirates didn't even wear a life jacket!

Harry Sharp This is crazy. If it topples (I feel it is very likely to topple), the cost will be huge: not only to retrieve the machine, but also the cost of cleaning the pool, the time the pool is unavailable, and so on. These workers are definitely cowboys, and I bet they will not be insured to do so, which brings a huge responsibility to the pool owner.

Harry Sharp Rubyroo You mean that because of RAMS it makes work safe?

Eric_L @rubyroo, I'm sure they think they know what they are doing, but if they have any experience in machine stability testing, especially on slab machines, they will know that it is not safe.

Tower403 Which company are you talking about? The manufacturer, the company these people work for? ...Do you have a link to this original post?

rubyroo The company actually commented on the original post that it was all done and set up and set up according to the situation there. The web page showed hundreds of similar jobs, including a device for lifting items on a fork

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