Spidi Equips Year-Round Riders With The New Waterproof Riding Parka

2022-12-17 12:46:21 By : Mr. alex shui

For all year motorcyclists, riding gear that’s adaptable, easy to wear, and reasonably stylish is incredibly important when it comes to going about day-to-day activities in ease and comfort. Sure, you can always carry an extra set of clothes in your backpack, but why do that when your riding gear can double as your daily attire? Plus, the extra space in your backpack or top case could very well be used for other more important stuff.

Luckily, most gear and equipment specialists design their urban-focused riding gear with practicality in mind—both on and off the motorcycle. Most riding jeans are as comfortable as regular jeans, while coming equipped with removable protectors and abrasion-resistant elements. Meanwhile, city-focused riding jackets sometimes offer double, or even triple the practicality while being protective, thermal, and waterproof all at the same time. Roofing Tpo

Spidi Equips Year-Round Riders With The New Waterproof Riding Parka

This is exactly the case with Spidi’s newest ready-to-wear winter jacket simply called the Riding Parka. On the outside, it looks like any old puffy parka with its thick construction and large hood. However, underneath its casual styling, the Riding Parka is a fully certified piece of riding equipment complete with all the protective features you could possibly need. For starters, it’s made out of an abrasion-resistant textile fabric, and incorporates three layers to provide maximum protection and comfort against the cold. The outer layer features a waterproof H2Out membrane, while the interior of the jacket gets a fixed thermal lining.

In between the waterproof membrane and the thermal lining, the Riding Parka incorporates removable Warror Lite CE-certified Level 1 protectors on the elbows and shoulders. There’s also a pocket for an optional back protector. On the outside, the jacket has reflective inserts for added visibility at night or in inclement weather. Thanks to all these features, the Riding Parka receives Class APPE certification in accordance with the EN17092-4:2020 standard.

Other amenities include four waterproof outer pockets and two storage pockets inside the jacket. The wrists, waist, and collar get neoprene inserts for added comfort, and the large hood has a drawstring for tightening atop your head when you’re not on the bike. As for sizing, Spidi offers the Riding Parka from M all the way to 4XL, in three colors consisting of Dark Blue, Black, and Ecru. It’s priced at 349.90 Euros, which translates to about $370 USD.

Spidi Equips Year-Round Riders With The New Waterproof Riding Parka

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